Village Trip 15th August

On a sad note we arrived at the Village at 11.30am to learn that the lovely 5 month old baby son of Mr.& Mrs. Pov had passed away just an hour an a half before we arrived. They were well known to us, CHOICE and all the volunteers pass on their condolences to the Pov family.

Saddened by the tragedy we pressed on with our deliveries of food, clothing, footwear and baby toys. Thanks to Tad and the Saxon family and their children from Maroochydore, Australia for their donation of clothing, footwear and baby toys. This is the second time the Saxon family have generously donated such items to CHOICE.

Shown in the photo’s is the blind baby boy receiving some of the donated toys a valuable gift and teaching aid for him especially now as he is very sick, hopefully it will distract him from his illness.

The medical team will monitor the blind babies progress, and if needed will bring him into Hospital. We thank all those who helped out, Roz who conducted the drawing class, Bob, Mike, Josh, Krystal and James.