Fighting Against Leprosy

I have been helping Savuth on a monthly basis for nearly 2 years now. He has severe Leprosy and cannot walk, his hands are no good and he has eye problems as well. We arranged to have his worst leg amputated some months ago and now he is ready for his first artificial leg. We have taken him to the Leprosy Hospital and together with Veterans International an artificial leg has been fitted for the cost of $2.50. The low charge is because Savuth does not have any money or property, he survives mainly with the help of CHOICE. Now we are providing him with daily food money at the Hospital, and an electric kettle to heat water for his breakfast noodles. Its been over a decade since he last walked, and its only a few meters now with the aid of his wheelchair. After just a few paces he was exhausted, but he is a fighter and will master his problems.  Ross Wright
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