A Donation from Young Chinese Students.

The followiing is a moving story from Nuala McCoy:
Hi, my name is Nuala McCoy and am I PYP Year 5 teacher at Eton House China. I used to live and work in Phnom Penh and have told my students about Cambodia as part of of their studies in their previous unit of inquiry. They investigated the CHOICE website and felt quite moved. My students have spent the last 2 months raising money for Cambodian kids during their breaktimes and lunchtimes. They decided that they could take action and do something to help. The plan was to raise money to donate to Choice in order to help these children. They did this by donating small items of stationary etc for a lucky draw. The other Eton House students bought tickets. The tickets sold for 3 quai each. (about 60 cents) The students raised about 2000 quai (or chinese renmibi) equals about US$300.00.
Many thanks Nuala to you and all your students in China from all of us at CHOICE Cambodia, your donation is extremely valuable to all our children.
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