More Twin Babies in the Village

Choice Cambodia Sunday 26th September, we suppled tarps to 2 families. Shown in the picture is one of the tarps donated to a very poor family, it will also allow better catchment for drinking water in the wet season, as well as allowing those inside to remain dry when it pours, we also donated a mosquito net to them. This is the family where Angela is fostering the 12yo. girl from. We bring the girl back here nearly every 2 weeks for a family visit. Also pictured is our nurse Kunthea firstly explaining to the mother of the twins, how to mix the baby powder and in the other Kunthea is shown tending to a patient. CHOICE would like to thank Camlin and Preston Goodell from Texas USA we have been waiting for those pictures, anyway thank you for your generous donation. Would you believe we have another set of new born twin babies in the Village, they also have the same problem, mother cannot supply enough milk for 2 babies, we need a generous person to donate powdered milk for a year or so. Please is there anyone else, or a group that can provide this for one baby (US$360).