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Bicycle mechanics workshop

Terry from Wheelies Bikes in the UK, visited the Choice Center recently and kindly shared his extensive knowledge of bike mechanics with boys Sok Long and Sing Lee. They totally stripped down a bicycle and rebuilt it learning useful skills such as puncture repairs, changing various parts, removing and adding chain links and much more. It seems these two very enthusiastic boys will now help keep the recently donated bicycles in good working order. Well done Terry.



New Apprenticeships for our Boys at JVC

Three boys from our poor villages have begun their Mechanics apprenticeships with JVC in Phnom Penh, English is also taught. CHOICE have provided JVC with a Volunteer English Teacher but they need another, please contact CHOICE if you can help.
Accomodation is provided by JVC food and books etc. are not, these are paid through CHOICE by sponsorship of Lorin and Max from Italy.

Pictured top is Bou Pannha below left is Pannha, Sarith Laoheng, Vot Pannha and one of the teachers. The last picture is the kitchen area and safe storage lockers.

Bou Panha(16y)

The boys with a JVC teacherThe kitchen with Lockers