A Field Trip with IFC Staff

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Staff, Phnom Penh, joined with CHOICE Cambodia on Wednesday the 29th of August on a special supply/medical trip.

The day began at 7.30am at the IFC headquarters where we met up with the IFC staff and headed off to the CHOICE Center.

An hour later we were all packing supplies and some 400 items of clothing. IFC staff had paid for the children’s lunch, 8 x 50kg bags of rice, 9 x 1kg tins of baby formula milk, the days medical supplies, and various other grocery items. IFC staff are also donating US$320 for baby formula milk.

Whilst our medical team were seeing to many Village patients, the rest of us went out to the Village and distributed the supplies to each family. When finished, we went back to the center for lunch followed by games with the children. We met Reksa the cleft pallet baby, her mum and dad.  She has fully recovered from her operation and is doing very well.


In the afternoon we headed off to another Village to deliver more supplies and clothing. We also had a chance to meet up with a young boy needing urgent heart/spinal surgery. IFC staff and CHOICE are arranging a consultation with a local hospital to see what can be done to save this boys life. IFC have committed US$500 towards his treatment.

Many thanks from CHOICE to the staff of IFC Phnom Penh, for their help and financial support.