Graduation Celebration 2014

On the 2/06/2014 CHOICE were invited to the Graduation Celebrations of 26 girls that had undertaken the 12 month course at the Open Arms Beauty & Hairdressing School. All but one have jobs waiting for them. CHOICE were represented by Ross Wright and Rachel Prins, Rachel has been assisting the girls in the salon at the CHOICE Center on the girls days off. CHOICE funded the girls accommodation, living costs, fees, language lessons, bicycles and the tools of the trade, as these two girls from the squatters village are from extremely poor families. Prior to this they had no hope of gaining meaningful employment or bettering their lives. Phara and Srey Py are both employed now in Phnom Penh as Hairdressers. It brought tears to our eyes to know of their terrible existance before and see them presented on the night. Now beautiful young skilled and confident young women, able to fend for themselves.
It was a lovely night well organized and presented by Sandra and her husband Grahame Wade from Australia. We thank them and their team for the care and training they have given to the girls. We will be more than willing to send any other Village girls to Open Arms in the future should they want to complete this course.

PharaPhara's Squatter HomePhara & Srey PySrey PySrey Py's Squatter HomeRoss & Phara's Mum with the girls