Heng Lina

Introduction – 23rd October 2017

Heng Lina is sponsored by Kong Ly at US$50 per month.

Lina is a 5-year-old girl from No Truck village. She has no parents (they divorced and left her) and living with her old grandma who has no job. She comes to Choice school by the Choice water truck and really enjoys having lunch every weekdays at our center. She is sometimes lonely as she has no siblings to play with at home. She is now learning the English Alphabet in Kinder class and enjoys playing with her friends at school.

Photo was taken at her home on 17th October 2017

Kong Ly is her sponsor.

Lina got a new set of school uniform on 6th November 2017

Update – 22nd November 2017

Lina is a very well behaved girl and a quick learner. She has very beautiful hand writing and today she is learning how to write the capital letter Y.

Update – 7th July 2018

After the checked up. Dentist decided to pull out 4 bad milk teeth for Lina. She was very brave and had her teeth done in 15mn.

Updated – 1st August 2018
Lina and her classmates were waiting for their lunches.

Updated – 9th August 2018
Lina got a toothpaste and toothbrush every month. She has no teeth problem anymore.

Updated – 20 th August 2018

Lina is doing really good for her English Alphabet review and she hopes to pass the level test and move to grade 1 next year – 10th October, 2018

Lina has passed her final exam and moved to grade 1 –  3rd January, 2019

Lina near her home. Keeping safe from covid. December 2020
Lina with her grandma