Boeun Kolap

Introduction – 14th February, 2019

Kolap is sponsored by the Matthews Family from Queensland, Australia. Began from 14th February, 2019 at US$50 per month.

Kolap (her first name) born on 8th July, 2007. She lives in No Truck village with her mom who is looking after 5 children alone (her dad suffered a major head injury in traffic accident 10 years ago, he can no longer remember anyone’s name is his family. Kolap has 4 older brothers. She enjoys coming to school by the Choice water truck to study at the Choice Center and the government school.

Kolap is currently in Group B and she was the top student among 35 kids in her class last year in Group C. She wants to be a doctor in the future.

In Group C she started computer class. First she learns about Microsoft Word and then learns to type on a Qwerty keyboard. She learns to type in English without looking at the keyboard and is also learning how to type Khmer language by using the same English keyboard. She has to memorise which English letter represents each Khmer letter. A challenging skill to learn but very useful. There are a lot more letters in Khmer than English, 33 consonants and 26 vowels, so she has to learn a lot of multiple key combinations!

In Group B computer class she learns more advanced Microsoft Word and also learns new applications Photoshop and PhotoScape, which is a fun and easy photo editing software used to fix and enhance photos.

Matthews Family – February 2019

Alana Matthews  and Kolap at Choice Cambodia – January 2019. Alana visited Choice as a trainee teacher from her University as part of an exchange program.

Kolap and friends had a swimming lesson -15th December 2018

Kolap has received a pack of colored pencil as a reward (She got the best attendant record for her class in the previous month)- 13th February 2019

Kolap is doing really well in Computer Class. She knows how to type both in Khmer and English using Microsoft Word. She is now learning how to use Photoshop – 15th February 2019

Kolap has enjoyed her trip to Safari Phnom Penh – 25th May, 2019

Kolap has received a new set of school uniform – 11th July, 2019

Update – 7th March, 2020

Kolap is now a student in grade A, our top level before going to government school full time when starting grade 7. She is a good and hard working student. She really likes to study all the subjects that her teachers teach. Kolap always goes to school every school day. Though sometimes she been absent when she has been sick. But when she comes back she always borrows her friend’s book to copy all the words and sentences to catch up. She is good at reading and drawing. She can draw pictures with English words without needing to translate from Khmer. This is a good and easy way for her to understand the meaning of words and remember them too. She also likes to eat rice at school between classes.

In her Group A computer class, she is learning to use Microsoft Excel. Her lessons are designed to help improve her English language skills as well as learning some of the technical aspects of creating spreadsheets.

After her Choice cooked lunch, if she has time she likes to visit the Choice library to practice her reading. If a volunteer is available they can assist her reading and help with any words she is not familiar with.

Kolap likes to draw – 6th March 2020
Kolap enjoys her cooked lunch – 6th March 2020

November 2020. Kalap has now reached grade 7 at her government school, which means she now attends there for the whole day. Whenever a Choice student reaches grade 7 they no longer have a half day spare to attend Choice school, so that’s when they leave Choice. Kolap has been a top student at Choice. We wish her well in the future.

We still provide transport support for her to government school and medical care for her and family. If at anytime she wants an apprenticeship we would help her, if she passes year 12 we would like to provide a scholarship to advance her career, this is what we like to be able to do. “KINDER TO CAREER”

We will keep posting further news about her below. Thank you again Alana Matthews and family for sponsoring Kolap and helping to fund the Choice school.

Kolap keeping safe from covid in her village. It’s the cooler dry season now and this year it’s been cooler than usual. December 2020

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