Thorn Chen

Introduction – 25th June, 2019

Thorn Chen is sponsored by Rob from England for $50 per month.

Chen was born in 2010. He has one sibling, an older sister who also studies at Choice called Neth. They both live with their grandparents in “No Truck village”. Their mother left them when he was 6 months old and never comes back to see them. Their father came to visit them over 2 years ago and not been back to see them since. Chen is in grade 2 now both at Choice school and government school. He really enjoys coming to school on the Choice water truck.

His favorite subject is Maths and he enjoys drawing. He wants to be an architect when he grows up.

Chen was in grade 1 – 7th June, 2019
Chen has received a new complete set of school uniform 11th July, 2019
Chen likes to play with ball. He just passed his phonics test ( 87%) – 19th July, 2019
Chen near his home. Keeping safe from covid. December 2020