Phea Jeak

Introduction – 1st September 2019
Phea Jeak is sponsored by Kong Ly from America at US$50 per month.
Jeak is a 5-year-old boy born in 2014 and lives in Angela village with his parents. His father is a construction worker and his mom is a housewife. He enjoys coming to school on the water truck to study at the Choice Center. He has been attending Choice kindergarten for 3 months now. He has been learning to read, write and pronounce the English alphabet. He likes to play football, Frisbee and marbles. He has one younger brother and he is too young to know what he wants to be when he grows up.

Kong Ly from America
Jeak is very happy to get a new school bag – 28th November, 2019
Jeak learns to write the English alphabet, both upper case and lower case Jj – 29th August, 2019

The truck broke down so everyone need to go home by the trailer – 30th August , 2019