Math Dara

Introduction – 4th August 2020

Math Dara is sponsored by Nathan McQuay from Phnom Penh at US$50 per month:

Dara is a 10-year-old boy, born in 2010 and lives in No Truck village with his mother and his older sister, who also studies at our school at the Choice Center. His father is a fisherman in Thailand. He has been away from Dara and his family for more than 2 years. His mother has no job.

Dara is a grade 2 student at our charity run school and grade 3 at Government school. He spends half a day at each school. He enjoys coming to both schools on the water truck. He has been attending our Choice school for almost 3 years now. Dara is able to read short children’s story books in both Khmer and English in our library. Dara likes to play football in the school grounds with his friends during break times.

Dara wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

Dara in his new classroom – 20th January, 2020
Dara at home with his cat – August 2020
Dara helping his mother prepare food – August 2020