Art Theara

Introduction – 6th February, 2018

Art Theara is sponsored by Tracey Velthuyzen from Sydney, Australia at US$50 per month.

Theara is an 8 year old girl, born on 17th October 2010 in No Truck village. She most of the time travels to and from Choice school on the Choice water truck and she always has lunch at Choice School before she goes to learn Khmer lessons at government school. Theara passed her final exam (English alphabet, scored 97%) in kinder and she has moved to Grade 1.  In Grade 1 class, she is now learning the sounds of the alphabet and soon she will learn how to read some very basic words, which contain only one vowel.
She likes coloring and drawing in her free time. Theara would like to be an English teacher in the future.

Tracey Velthuyzen and Craig Lovelace

Art Theara – 5th February, 2018

Theara received a new set of school uniform – October, 2017

Theara received new school notebooks – October, 2017

Theara enjoys having lunch with her friends – November, 2017

Theara is doing really good in her class – 5th February, 2018

Theara at her house – 6th February, 2018

Theara  is reading in her classroom – August, 2018

Theara got more school supplies as she graduated from grade 1 and has moved to grade 2 at government school – 16th October, 2018

Theara has received a new school bag and uniform – 7th March, 2019
Theara is enjoy learning in her new classroom – 15th June, 2019

Update November 2020

Theara is now in group C. She is good at writing, reading and drawing. Her writing is nice and clear together with pictures that she draws. She enjoys reading competitions and playing games. She is also a confident and enthusiastic student. When her teacher asks something or reviews a previous lesson, she always puts her hand up to reply. Her voice is smooth and clear. Her listening is good. She is a fairly quiet student who never disturbs her classmates.

Theara is safe with her family during the covid pandemic – November 2020
Theara is very happy to be able to come back to school – November 2021

Theara enjoys her cooked lunch at the Choice Center every school day. She had some problems with computer lessons for her first week back, as she forgets how to use a Keyboard. She is doing great with her English and computer class after her second week back at school.