Citrus Classroom

The Citrus Classroom is sponsored by John and Ali Barne from Oxford, U.K. at US$2000 per year. They have sponsored this classroom from the beginning in 2019, 2020 and 2021. (Sign will be updated)

The Citrus Classroom, sometimes referred to as the lime room is the 4th classroom of the main school building at Choice, located after the Red, Orange and Yellow classrooms. So it is one of the two most central classrooms together with the Green classroom.

The current teacher for this classroom is Srey Mo. She lives close to Choice School. She joined Choice in 2018. She started as a kindergarten teacher and was promoted to grade 1 teacher in early 2020. She loves working with young students. CHOICE pays for a Teacher Training course for Mo, so she can gain a degree in Teaching. She does this at weekends in Phnom Penh. Ali Barne is a fully qualified teacher in the U.K. and she has given Mo some additional training in the Citrus Classroom during February 2020.