Great News & Recent activities by CHOICE.

The great news is that starting early next year there will be a registered CHOICE Germany and CHOICE Singapore working together with us.
We will now be able to bring initially 60 of the Village children to a Government school for education, this number will grow as we develop. CHOICE have purchased a transportation vehicle and rented a center near the Village and school. They will be given a meal each before school at the center. The center will be used for entertainment on Sundays and for children’s vocational training later in the year. A water filtration system will be installed at the center to allow us to take safe drinking water to the Villagers and school daily.
We will be taking volunteers next year for maintanence work on the center, plus work on the government schools in the vacinity.
Recent activities:
Jayne purchased 20 chickens for the twins family and we had a chicken pen built, we also gave them a big bag of chicken pellets.
Ashok provided a new car battery and light so they can see at night.
We have taken many women for medical treatment this past month. Firstly, Jackie provided medical treatment for Mum and her newborn baby daughter they were both very sick, Jackie also gave baby clothes to the baby, they are both well now.
Another group of 3 very sick ladies from the Village. We took them to the clinic and some stayed overnight. Our lovely friends from Malaysia covered the costs for their treatment, again all well now.
We helped with the costs of replacing a hut in the first village due to flood damage,
and provided a village lady with crutches and treatment for a damaged leg.
As well we have purchased over 200 mosquito nets as it will be a bad year with mosquitos after the floods. So far we have delivered 140 nets.

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