The New CHOICE Center.

Work is progressing well but a lot more to do. The tarpaulin area is for meals. The small building in the background “Russells Refuge” has 2 rooms, we have painted, built a mezanine floor above for storage and added a roof. Its used as our kitchen in the front room, mezanine storeroom and Computer room at the back. The whole area has had 75 truckloads of soil added as well as raised floors in some buildings, we raised the level of the ground and floors about 12 inches, to prevent flooding.
“Georgia’s House” is the next building and second largest is finished and used for teaching grade 2. “Singapore House” the largest building with two adjoining smaller rooms is also completed and is used for grade 1 lessons and TV room. The smaller rooms are for 1 office and the second the sewing teacher’s accomodation.
The building nearest Phnom Penh is used for the Sewing Center, accomodation and future Hairdressing/ beauty class, and houses the water purification unit.