A new School for Jasmine Village.

As scheduled we gave out uniforms, back packs, books etc. to our 46 children from the Jasmine Village area on 24th December. On Xmas day we returned, all 46 children had turned up for their first day at school, we could not have had a better day. The children were very happy and keen to begin learning, aged from 6 – 16 they all paid attention to their new Khmer teacher. Most of these children have not been able to attend school before. This long awaited program was made possible for CHOICE after receiving a grant from Greenergy International, England. The grant has covered the costs of kitting out the children and classroom, and will cover the running costs of the school for the next 3-4 years, many thanks to the Greenergy International staff.

DSCN2199   Waiting for Uniforms and Backpacks.   First day, Xmas day.

                        Just Kitted out                           Waiting to be outfitted                 Xmas day 1st day in school.