Pictured are Group 2, Isabel Legro, Gemma Wakefield, Miranda Sordella, James Graham, Kate Powell, Simon Russell, Nathan Savage, Dom Brown, and Bridget Rollason from Latrobe University on the 8th December, with Chem Sammithi second from the right. Chem is a Khmer neurologist, and offered his time to travel with CHOICE to examine a 4 year old boy that has suffered severe brain damage due to vacination at the age of 2 months. Chem has recomended we arrange brain scans to determine what can be done for the boy.

After visiting Puntheary’s house and meeting orphan baby Ratana, Group 2 met a newborn baby girl about 12 hours old, her mum is unable to breastfeed and has lost four babies before, all under the age of 4 months old. So later we gave her Formula milk, a baby bottle, dummy and baby clothes. Group 2 also enjoyed handing out clothing to 60 families in the last Village.