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For years now CHOICE have been warning the Villagers about the potential death threat from Arsenic poisoning when you drink the local bore water in Kandal province. Even more alarming is the fact that some organizations are still sinking more tube wells in these contaminated areas. CHOICE has overcome this problem for more than 1000 people by delivering 60 litres of safe drinking water each week to these squatter families as well as the CHOICE schools. CHOICE Medical/Dental clinics saw an immediate improvement in the health of the villagers once the safe water deliveries started in 2011.

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Safe Drinking Water, Delivered Daily.

In Cambodia several areas are effected with poisonous toxins in the artesian water, this occurs naturally in many parts of the world. The Villagers we help have this problem, but unfortunately they have had no alternative safe water supply as they do not have town water;  these toxins eventually cause death.  At the new CHOICE Center we have installed a water purifier which removes any bacteria from the town water, there are no toxins in town water. We deliver 1000 liters to the Villages each day. Every hut receives 2 deliveries per week, this water was tested and proven to be very good quality drinking water by RDI. Volunteers can now help us to deliver each day.