Looking for a Sponsor.

We need a Sponsor for Vanak, US$75 per month can you help.

On the 4th July and at the local clinic in the province, 29yo Pov Vanak gave birth to a Baby boy. I received a call for help the next day, in order for Vanak to be released with her new son, a bill of US$25 had to be paid. On behalf of CHOICE I paid the bill, then everyone insisted I name the baby, so he is Liam after one of my Grandsons, oddly enough the babies cousin is Lam.
Vanak is a deserted wife with 3 other children Tola and Lili (girls) and Ty a boy. It is unfortunate that sometimes these women have to prostetute themselves in order for them to survive. Vanak cannot breast feed so CHOICE will provide 4 cans of Formula milk each month ($45) and a bag of rice each month as Vanak cannot work now. We gave Liam a supply of donated baby clothes and a knitwear outfit and formula milk.

Newborn LiamVanak with Liam.Arriving home to her squatters hut.Vanak with all her children.Donated outfit from Narrabeen Australia.Liam with donated clothes.