Please Help Reaksa Song (Update)

This 2 month old baby was brought to CHOICE in the village on Saturday the 11th Feb. 2012.  She has a severe cleft pallet, so bad in fact part of  her nose is missing. She can’t feed properly and is incredibly week. We got her to the hospital where the Doctors first diagnosis was “it may be best to let her die” They don’t have the capability to reconstruct her face at that Hospital, however they did admit her and will “see what they can do.” Can we really just watch and let this happen? We are sending her to another hospital on Tuesday the 14th Feb. we need donations for baby formulae milk, 1 x 900gm can per week, and medical treatment, please help.


UPDATE 1:  14th Feb: we took Reaksa Song, to another hospital where she met with the Canadian Medical volunteer group “Rainbow,” they said they could not operate until she is at least 6 months old and is stronger. In the meantime they recommended that a celluloid tape be placed over where her top lip should be in order to aid suction and help her feed, then she should put on weight. The celluloid tape was damaging her skin on both cheeks so we are now using elastic right around her head and joined at the back with a safety pin, this is working.

 UPDATE 2:  Reaska was operated on 3rdJuly 2012 by Khmer Doctors, it was a great success. Reaska will need another operation inside her mouth when she is 18 months old. We still need donations to help with the cost milk powder for Reaksa, and other associated costs, please donate.