SOFITEL Hotel Dinner provided by Virgin Gold Mining.

On Sunday the 22nd April CHOICE was invited to bring 20 people to the luxury Hotel SOFITEL in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; for a luxurious dinner and presentation by Virgin Gold Mining Company. CHOICE selected some of the poorest from Jasmine Village, for those that have been to the swamp before, we chose those that live at the back, under the sheets of tin. At 6pm 13 children and three mothers were picked up in our truck and we headed off. Dressed in torn clothing, holes in their pants and most wearing no shoes we walked down the red carpet, one mother holding her hands together and bowing to all the dignified well dressed guests and staff, in gratitude.

 The kids had never seen the likes of  such a glamorous place like this before, perhaps 200 people in all were served delicious food with unlimited soft drink and water, plus entertainment. Two of our girls were a fan of the female singer and were invited on stage to have their picture taken with her.  Unfortunately one of our barefooted mothers was in pain with toothache and ate very little, we took her and her son back to Chiva’s Shack for the night. We organised for her to see a Dentist in the morning and the tooth was removed.

A great night the children will never forget, enough on its own but during the evening we were presented with an envelope from VGMC containing a very generous donation of US$1500 plus GBP300 many thanks to all for the evening and the donation. Some 30 children in this Village do not attend school, so perhaps this money can be put towards a teacher and schooling for them.