First He Had Shingles Now He Is A Burn Victim

Our Medical team was presented with this very sick little boy in the Village on Sunday 5th June. He has been treated with antibiotics and we will visit and monitor his progress regularly and hope he gets a full recovery in a couple of months. He has a severe case of shingles and a staff infection. His family are too poor to visit a Doctor so it was left to us to help.
The third picture above, was taken last Sunday 19th June 2011 and you can see how the antiboiotics have cleared up the boys infection. He is the son of the Teacher we now employ at the last Village.
Last night the 23rd June, there was a terrible accident in their Village hut and the same young boy pulled a tub of boiling water over himself, he is in a lot of pain. This poor little 3yo. has had so much bad luck, fortunately it was pay day last Sunday for the Teacher, so they had money to bring the boy in to Kuntha Bopha Childrens Hospital last night. We are giving the family whatever assistance they need, today we took over milk and fruit juice as the boy has difficulty eating solid food. ( Below are pictures of the boy in bandages in the Hospital.)
The 3 year old boy who suffered burns over most of his body is now a lot happier. Most of his pain has gone away, he was burnt a little over 2 weeks ago. We continue to monitor the situation with regular visits, and we support the boy and the family with any reasonable requests. Latest pictures below. As at the 20th July the boy is still in Hospital, the reasson being the skin tissue on his neck has not healed enough yet and is still weeping. We continue to supply money for food for the family.
Many Village women have asked if we can help with some birth control measures.  So we have contacted PSI (Population Services International) who will formally advise and provide and CHOICE will cover the costs. Choice have also shown PSI brochures to the women, written in Khmer. We are now conducting surveys in the Villages to ascertain the prefered method of birth control and the total numbers of women requiring the procedure.