The children at the Village and the Orphanage will be over the moon, CHOICE has been given 600 coloured pencils to distribute.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Bronwyn Carnegie; Bronwyn read of an exhibit “Muchlead” to be held in Sydney Australia. Bronwyn contacted the organizers of the program, architects Claire McCaughan and Felicity Gartelmann. She asked what plans they had for the pencils after the exhibition, and if possible could some be donated to the disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Thanks to all the above we were given 400 coloured pencils.

Another thank you goes to the Mewett family from Belmont, Geelong in Victoria for donating 200 coloured pencils. We now have a supply that will last the children for several months. Each trip we place about 50 pencils in a plastic container and hold a drawing class, at the end of the trip we manage to keep the container minus all the pencils.


CHOICE would also like to thank Don Shields Managing Director of Geelong Insurance Brokers, and his friends from the Insurance Industry for their donation of $90. The donation was raised by the group when they held a sweep for the Geelong Cup at St. Albans recently. This money will be used by CHOICE towards the running costs of the “Soup Kitchen” for the homeless in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Thanks to Julie and Colin Werrett from Werribee who have donated medical supplies, soap, toothpaste & toothbrush’s, cooking utensils,  bubble blowers, toys, and more. My suitcase in now full thanks to all the donations.


Special thanks to Pam Colenso CPA for holding the fundraising event “High Tea” at her home in Drumcondra, Geelong. Pam raised $190 for the CHOICE Soup Kitchen from her friends. They also purchased some of the silk scarves. Below are pictures of the ladies and what they are enjoying. Also thanks to Melanie’s parents Candice & Rusty West for their donation of  US$50.00.