Orangetrotter, GEFRO and Friends

 In April CHOICE members had the pleasure in meeting up with Helga and Jurgen. Using the name “Orangetrotter” they have travelled in their VW Bulli from Germany throughout Australia and are now travelling through Asia. They are meeting up with various Charities on their travels and documenting their experience with them on U TUBE. We wish “Orangetrotter, GEFRO and Friends” a big thank you for their generous donation and help at the Orphanage and Village trip on Sunday 25th April. and we wish them good luck for the remainder of their journey. For more information on their travels visit :
The young girl pictured wearing the sunglasses has only recently been brought to our attention. She had been attacked in one eye by a chicken a long time ago, the eye was blinded and disfigured. We were told she always kept to herself and hid her face, embarrassed by the scarring, unaware of her presence until her parents asked CHOICE to provide her with sunglasses, the girl is very happy now she has them and we will keep her well supplied in the future. She will be seen by an American Dr. who will be visiting the Village soon, and we hope we can provide her with some treatment to improve her situation.