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Fish for the Rith family

Some time ago Ryta Rith now 5 years old, suffered horrific burns by falling bottom first into a boiling pot of water. CHOICE with financial help from the Wilson family in Australia have been helping the family through their ordeal as detailed in earlier posts on this site.

The family borrowed US$750 from various scources to help cover some of the immediate costs to help Ryta. Now some want their money back, CHOICE has come up with an idea  not only to repay the debt but to provide the family with a permanent income. 


The family have free access to a pond at the rear of their hut. On the 20th June 2012 CHOICE members and volunteers donated 3000 Catfish, 1500 Carp, 2x25kg bags of fish food, for the total cost of US$150. Troy Richards $50, Tony Lumbard $20, Chan from Chiva’s Shack $10 the rest from the Wilson Family via CHOICE.

After one year the fish should be over 1kg and if most survive would be valued at over US$4000 enough to pay off the debts and start a small business. Many thanks to all the helpers and donors.


We will monitor the progress of the fishing venture and continue to support the family until they are hopefully self sufficient in a year.