Sponsorships for Training

Sponsorship for further education and career training is as important as their primary and secondary school education. It’s a huge problem for students in High School having to quit going to the next level because of a lack of finances. This project is dedicated to supporting the urgent need for education of young underprivileged boys and girls from rural communities in Cambodia. Those that really want to continue their studies but cannot afford the costs themselves. We arrange for sponsors to provide Scholarships and Apprenticeships as we can, to those that meet the criteria. In addition to fees, accommodation in Phnom Penh, food, education material, bedding, and transport may be required.

We follow the achievements of our ex students through High School and offer career opportunities for them if our funding allows. We have been able to help many of our teenage village kids. An excellent means for year students completing and passing year 12, is to become trainee Teacher. We can sponsor their weekend University course and after a four year term they can obtain their Degree in Teaching. During the week they can teach at a local school or ours, as do several of our Teachers. Other career choices may require full time weekly study in Phnom Penh.

The accommodation and living costs in Phnom Penh are high and fees start at around US$600 per year. In total, sponsorship can start at around US$2000pa for a student, and needs to be covered for four years or more if its for a University course. Some wanted apprenticeships which are for a shorter duration, and some just needed driving lessons.


Our Vision is equal opportunity and an increase in the standard of living for the disadvantaged people in Cambodia.


We strive to make a difference to the futures of disadvantaged Cambodian youth through sponsorship of university courses and/or skills based training programs.

Career Development

In addition to attending University/Apprenticeships, students also study English, and learn Computer Skills to increase their employment prospects.

Please contact us for involvement at: choicecambodia@live.com

All donations are acknowledged on our website Financials page and your sponsorship details will be displayed there.

Some students that have received Scholarships or Apprenticeships.

In 2011 we started our Student sponsorship with Putheary from Angela Village. Putheary Sattuthelry was from a very poor family that had no property. She began her course in late October 2012. Putheary attended the College of Arts, Humanities and Languages, which offers a four year academic program in education, majoring in English Literature at Norton University. In her spare time she is an Apsara (Traditional Khmer Dance) Instructor. Latrobe University Students Community funded her Scholarship, books, fees, food, accommodation etc.

Above is Phara, CHOICE provided Phara with a one year course in 2013, she graduated with honors in 2014. CHOICE were invited to the Graduation Celebrations at the Open Arms Beauty & Hairdressing School. Phara was from the last squatter village, she is now working as a Hairdresser and married with children in Phnom Penh.

This is Srey Py she was also given a one year course with Open Arms Beauty & Hairdressing Academy by CHOICE. She graduated as the same time as Phara and received employment in Phnom Penh. Srey Py is from the first of the squatter villages.

Above is Kim Hong, she is from a poor family in the first squatters village Kim is very studious and was keen to become a Doctor. We provided her with a 6 year Scholarship in Medicine plus French and English lessons, essential here when undertaking studies in Medicine. Her fees were very high and shared by Latrobe University and CHOICE.  The language lessons were paid by the Narrabeen Community NSW Australia. Kim has now married another Doctor and together they run a clinic in Battambang.

Five other boys have attended the JVC Technical College undertaking a Mechanics apprenticeship. The boys lived in the College, CHOICE provided allowances for food, books and travel, most found employment.

Some of our staff that have had or are currently receiving vocational training through CHOICE.

Srey Nak
Sok Heng
Srey Mo
Sok Heng

Channy is one of the nicest boys I have ever met very polite and caring so much so that he was prepared to dedicate his life to his mother. His mother Sockha broke her neck and could no longer walk. She fell off the back of a moving truck, CHOICE paid for an operation to save her life. Channy quit school to care for his mother. So for 3 years CHOICE paid for Channy to receive private tuition. The tuition paid off,  he was one of the 10% of Cambodian year 12 students that passed the final exam in 2014. We paid the headmaster to place Channy back in a class at the start of year 12. Only 2 others passed in Channy’s class of 25 students that year. After his exams, CHOICE paid for Channy to attend a driving school, and employed him as a driver having his license, he has moved on and is well employed and can better care for Mum.

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