F.A.Q. – Sponsor a Child

1. How much does it cost to sponsor a Cambodian child?

US $50 per month or more if you wish per child.

2. How do I begin my sponsorship?

Please go on our website to “Sponsor a Child” then “How to Apply” and then complete and submit the online Application Form.


3. Will you keep me updated with my sponsored child?

Yes, we will setup your own page on our website for your sponsored child, which we will update on a regular basis. This page will include a summary of the child, progress reports, photos of the child, a copy of a hand written letter from the child to you, photos of the child’s work such as art work and written work. We can also include a photo of you on this page if you so wish, please email a photo to us.

You will be able to share this page with family and friends, via including a link to it by email or social media such as facebook.

4. Can I choose the child I sponsor?

Yes, you can tell us whether you want to sponsor a girl or a boy and their approximate age.

5. How many sponsors will my child have?

Your child will only have one sponsor, YOU.  You may choose to share your US$50 sponsorship payments with a group of friends.

Occasionally we have “special needs” children as a result of illness, accidents or from birth defects. These children require more funding by the sponsor or more than one sponsor to share the additional costs. An example of this is Sambart, a blind boy.

6. How do I make payments?

The preferred method of payment would be by direct debit, monthly or yearly via our PayPal account.  Or direct debit in the UK only to our HSBC account.  Please notify us when you are about to make your first payment.

7. Can I visit my child?

Yes, unlimited visits, but to safeguard the child’s welfare visits are restricted to the Choice centre school.  We will not give you their home address for private visits and you cannot take the child on private outings.

8. What do I need to bring with me on a visit?

Please no presents or gifts of money to the child.  We do however need you to present your passport and  sign our visitors agreement.  Please give us 2 weeks notice of your visit.

9. Where does my money go?

All sponsorship funding is pooled for the following reasons:  Your sponsorship money covers teachers salaries, transportation to and from school, all books, uniforms, internet, backpacks, medical and dental care for the child and their family, safe drinking water delivered to the home and emergency aid in the event of any problems.

10. At what age does my sponsorship stop?

Ideally, we would prefer that you sponsor until the child finishes year 12 (around 18yo, last year at High School) or is ready for employment, a 16yo can begin an Apprenticeship.  At this point eligible  students transfer to our “P365” program, if funding permits, for either an Apprenticeship or University Scholarship.

11. Would  my sponsored child be an orphan?

No.  Nearly all children in Cambodia have at least one living family member.  Your sponsorship helps us to keep the family together, we consider this an absolute priority.

12. Why should I sponsor a child with CHOICE?

Choice only support the extremely poor. Our children come from squatter families, those that have no land, property, running water, regular jobs, and are living on an average income of $50 per family per month.

We will display the sponsorship details on our website to ensure full transparency.

13. What do the children  learn at the Choice centre?

We have kindergarten for the little ones, and for the older children English, Maths, Computer, hygiene, sports, art and gardening.  We ensure that the eligible children attend government school for the other half day. We also advice older students on future employment opportunities and offer Scholarships/Apprenticeships to many students.

14. Does my sponsorship cover the child’s lunch?

Yes, for the Kindergarten children and those Village children that spend 4 hours at the Choice center and 4 hours at the Government school weekdays. We  provide a nutritious lunch including  fruit as they cannot go home for lunch.

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