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Kingdom of Cambodia, land of smiles, with ancient treasures, the mighty Mekong river, a truly wondrous landscape and popular tourist destination. Yet Cambodia still remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with rural areas suffering from lack of basic services such as healthcare, education, clean water and employment. Choice is a grass roots charity that, through the Choice Center, provides 150 children with free education, including English lessons and computing, transport to and from school, a hot meal to fill an empty tummy, healthcare including dental and vocational opportunities.

Child sponsorship connects you with one child in need and helps us to continue funding our programs. With many families earning potential only $1.50 a day, many children are put to work, used as babysitters for the younger siblings or trafficked for vital funds. We encourage the villagers to send all their children to our school and in return benefit with services such as clean drinking water, medical and dental, baby formula, rice assistance and clothing. We prioritize keeping families together and working closely with the mums and the children to empower the family, the community and transform lives.

These wonderful kids all need sponsors. Why choose Choice?  We only ask for US$50 a month, (that’s 1.50 a day). We believe this is an extremely accurate and honest amount that covers the child’s education needs, health needs, transport and all the child’s family is included. For lesser individual amounts you could package a group of friends together to raise the US$50 or pay a higher amount if you wish.

Though the money is pooled, we provide transparency by placing the sponsors details along with the sponsored child’s details on our website.


I am 3 years old my name is Lily Pheab, I love going to the CHOICE kindergarten. Its great fun being driven in the truck to kinder, and I love lunch, sometimes its the only meal I get. Its a long day and sometimes I fall asleep, my teacher puts a pillow under my head when I fall asleep, I love her.  I live with mama and my 3 siblings. I don’t think I have a father.  Choice take me to the doctors nearly every week because I am always getting sick.

Now I have a sponsor things will be much better for me and my family, but many of my friends do not have a sponsor yet.  Can you please help them?


My name is Sambart Noa, I am five years old, this is me trying on my new Motorbike helmet, I told everyone watching I look cool. I live at school during the week and I come home for weekends.

I have several sponsors now because I need a little more than the other kids cause I was born blind.  Now I am attending Krousar Thmey, a school for the blind in Phnom Penh. I love the school, I get to play the drums and sing, I am really clever I am learning to read special books.

Charity for the extreme poor