Long Devid


Introduction-19 December,2017

Devid is sponsored by Clancy and Len from Sydney began from 20 December 2017 at US$50 per month.

Long Devid is a 7 year old boy (born in 2010) who lives in No Truck village(Long is his family name). He has one older sister and one younger sister, three of them come to Choice school by Choice water truck. His mother passed away about 2 years ago and his father doesn’t take care of them since he has a step wife. Three of them stay in one hut and look after by their old grandma. Devid doesn’t have much free time as he studies a half day at Choice school and another half at government school. He always helps to wash the dishes and clothes and he likes to play football in his free time. In the future, he wants to be an English teacher.

Clancy and Len from Sydney

Food hunting July 2017.

Devid received a set of school uniform – 22nd September,2017

Devid and his grandma( in front of their house) 17 December,2017.

Charity for the extreme poor