Volunteer with us

We need English and computer Teachers, assistant Teachers, office help, marketing, networking and general maintenance help such as gardening, painting and safe water deliveries to the students families in the squatter Villages. As our school provides all the student needs for free we have to find ways to support the running costs. Hence we have developed a range of activities and accommodation as a means to raise funds.

Minimum stay is 5 days for the manual/office/assistant help and 1 month for teaching. As we are in the countryside we provide transport to and from Phnom Penh for your pick up and drop off. Most helpers like to have free time at weekends in Phnom Penh but you can stay weekends as well if you prefer..

We charge US$15 per person per night in our Dormitory or US$30 per night for our luxury en suite rooms (2 people) additional people US$5pp. Included is transport from Phnom Penh, light breakfast, Khmer lunch on school days and tours.

We have some really great activities:

  1. Khmer cooking class, visit the local market where we purchase supplies then return to CHOICE for the cooking class. US$25pp.
  2. 3 hour Bicycle tour: Free for volunteers, we cross the river to enjoy a great bicycle ride along a quiet tree lined lane way, very little traffic and lots of smiling faces as you pass by. Located on the Island opposite our Restaurant, we visit a lovely Pagoda, then on to a quaint rural village and tip of the Island.
  3. Free for our volunteers a sunset and BBQ river cruise on our 50 foot boat, take a dip in the Bassac River whilst dinner is being prepared. Around 3 hour trip. Dinner and drinks are not included.
  4. Occasionally visitors can attend festivals and weddings.
  5. Contact us if you need airport pick up, we charge for this.
  6. Bicycles for rent, $1 daily when available. Perhaps free if you can help maintain them.

All profits from your stay go to help fund the Charity. No westerners receive any form of remuneration for their help including the Founder, in fact they donate to the Charity. Unauthorized visitors are not permitted to have any contact with our students, it is a school not a zoo.

Villager's receiving supplies.

Village trips:These trips are regulated and limited to safe water deliveries and the hand out of clothing or other supplies on weekdays. We do not cater for tour groups or sightseers.

There has been a problem with the water in these Villages since tube wells were introduced, the water is contaminated with excessive levels of toxins such as arsenic, manganese, fluoride and some cyanide. These eventually cause death, they cannot be filtered out. CHOICE have overcome the problem by leasing a property near the Villages, connected to town water. We set up a UV purification plant at the center and run the town water through the plant to remove the bacteria. The water has been tested and is of excellent quality.

We listen to the needs of the Villagers, so far we have been able to satisfy all their needs, its about them not us. We require westerners that are helpers, long or short term, if you are able then please join us or donate so we can continue with these activities, perhaps you could sponsor one of the children, this helps us keep the children with their families.

Support desperate Village people to improve their life a little, Please Donate via Paypal:


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