Village Trips

Villager's receiving supplies.

Village trips:  These trips are regulated and limited to safe water deliveries and the hand out of clothing or other supplies on weekdays. We do not cater for tour groups or sightseer’s, it is not a Zoo. Our minibus departs from LongLin House at 8am and returns about 4.30 weekdays. Casual visitors pay  $15pp per day for lunch and transport. Long term helpers and sponsors do not pay.

Longlin House is situated at No. 159 in Street 19 Phnom Penh near the crossroad of street 172.

Village Hut

There has been a problem with the water in these Villages since tube wells were introduced, the water is contaminated with excessive levels of toxins such as arsenic, manganese, flouride and some cyanide. These eventually cause death, they cannot be filtered out. CHOICE  have overcome the problem by leasing a property near the Villages, connected to town water. We set up a UV purification plant at the center and run the town water through the plant to remove the bacteria. The water has been tested and is of excellent quality, you can help deliver the water to the Villagers 4 days a week.

We also need assistance  with the kindergarten classes during the week. We currently have around 30 children.

We listen to the needs of the Villagers, so far we have been able to satisfy all their needs, its about them not us. We require westerners that are helpers, if you are then please join us or donate so we can continue with these activities, perhaps you could sponsor one of the children, this helps us keep the children with their families.


Village Toddler

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