CHOICE Project 365

Can’t afford $50 per month to sponsor a child, then please consider “Project 365” many small donations of say $10 per month can add up to provide a Scholarship for a student.

What is Project 365?

“Project 365” was created by Breanna Mann and Kevin Donnelly from Australia, merged in 2013 and now one of the CHOICE Cambodia projects. Breanna is still coordinating the project together with CHOICE. The project is dedicated to supporting the urgent need for education of young underprivileged boys and girls from rural communities in Cambodia, 365 days of the year. Those that really want to continue their studies but cannot afford the costs themselves. We arrange for sponsors to provide Scholarships and Apprenticeships as we can, to those that meet the criteria. We provide accommodation in Phnom Penh under management and pay for students fees, food, education material, bedding, bicycles etc.


Our Vision is equal opportunity and an increase in the standard of living for the disadvantaged people of Cambodia.


We strive to make a difference to the futures of disadvantaged Cambodian youth through sponsorship of university courses and/or skills based training programs.

Career Development

In addition to attending University/Apprenticeships, students also study English, French, German and Computer Skills classes to increase their skills and employment prospects.

How can you help? Well, we are glad you asked…

If you would like to make a donation please contact either Breanna Mann at or Ross Wright at Donations or Direct Debits can also be made via our Australian NAB bank account, follow this link to our CFA website for details:

We have registered CHOICE Family Australia to help raise funds for “P365” our goal is to gain the support of individuals with small direct debits from $10 per month to larger corporate donations. This continual support for the University and Apprenticeship students will allow for a more stable cash flow and enable us to calculate the numbers of Scholarships we can maintain and provide.

All donations are acknowledged, please remember collectively,  a little goes a long way.

Some of our Past Students.

Yun Sarom

Sarom grew up in the village of Kompong Thkol in Kandal Province. She completed her first year at the university in Accounting 2011-2012. Her parents are farmer and she is the fourth of seven children with two sisters and four brothers in her family. She is a creative girl and she hopes to work as a stock holder. She would like to travel to Angkor Wat and Sihanoukville in Cambodia and also hopes to make it to Australia in the future. Sarom’s parents could no longer afford to support the costs for Sarom to live in Phnom Penh and consequently Sarom was going to drop out of university. We have offered to support her living costs and her parents are continuing to cover her university fees for the year. Sarom is currently studying in her second year of Accounting the the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE).

Putheary Sattuthelry

Putheary is 22 yo and from the squatters village in Kien Svay her family are very poor and have no property. Putheary began her course in late October 2012. Putheary attends the College of Arts, Humanities and Languages, which offers a four year academic program in education, majoring in English Literature at Norton University. In her spare time she is an Apsara (Traditional Khmer Dance) Instructor. Latrobe University Students Community Australia are funding Puntheary’s Scholarship, books, fees, food, accomodation etc.

Kim Hong

Kim Hong aged 20 is the latest girl to move into the “P365” accommodation house. From a poor family in the first squatters village Kim is very studious and keen to become a Doctor. We are providing her with a Scholarship in Medicine plus French and English lessons, essential here when undertaking studies in Medicine. Once again the Scholarship is partly provided by the Students Community from Latrobe University, Melbourne Australia. The language lessons are paid from the generous donation by the Narabeen Community NSW Australia.

Footnote: Kim has now qualified, married another Doctor and is employed as a Doctor by the Cambodian Army.


Phara Horn

Phara on the right, is a 17 yo and from the squatters village in Kien Svay, she is from another very poor family with no property. Phara is an average student and was attending the CHOICE vocational training center. Her dream was to be a hairdresser, through sponsorship from the Narrabeen Community NSW Australia, Phara is now realizing her dream. She has commenced a one year apprenticeship in Hairdressing and Beauty with “Open Arms”. Staying at the “Project 365” accommodation house its a short bicycle ride to “Open Arms”.

Footnote: Phara is now qualified and working full time in her own salon in Phnom Penh.

Srey Pi Long

Srey Pi, in the middle is 21 yo and also attended the CHOICE vocational training center. She dropped out of school when she was 16 yo, very clever but again being from a very poor family in Kien Svay with no property, they needed her to work in the fields. Srey Pi has also wanted to be a Hairdresser/Beautician, we have persuaded the family to allow her the chance to take on the apprenticeship with “Open Arms”. Srey Pi shares a room with Phara at the accommodation house, they are loving their new course. Again the Narabeen Community Australia are sponsoring Srey Pi.

Footnote: Srey Pi married a man from Phnom Penh during her training year which she has completed successfully and now employed with a hairdresser in Phnom Penh.


Currently we have 5 boys attending JVC Technical College undertaking a Mechanics apprenticeship. The boys live in the College, CHOICE provide allowances for food, books and travel, most have found employment.


Breanna is holding events during the year to raise money and awareness, please follow the link for further details:

Charity for the extreme poor