CHOICE Dental Facility

In May 2017 it was decided by the CHOICE Committee to donate all our Dental equipment to the NGO “One-2- One ” a Not for profit Khmer Dental Charity. An agreement was made with them that they will provide two 5 day annual treatment visits to our Center each year to provide free dental treatment to our children. We deemed this necessary as we could no longer fulfill the legal requirements needed to provide our own Dental Facility. CHOICE Cambodia thank all those associated in the past with our Dental facility for their involvement.


Through contacts in Malaysia we were donated a dental chair, portable scalar and portable suction unit. These were all given by Dr. Sean Paul DMSM from “Living Well Healthcare” Malaysia. Dr. Sean paid for the chair and freight and sent a Dental Technician R. Mowindran from Entwickeln Enterprise Malaysia to install the equipment. Many many thanks to Dr. Sean Paul and Mowindran, Ravi , Guiseppe, Kasna,  Quek Sue Yian, Jasmine Haneef & Patricia Limand and all others for their help and support.

Dr. Evelien Hoedemaker has donated her time plus some US$500.00 worth of Dental instruments. Dr. Bert Thackra has also donated time and equipment, many thanks for your support.


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