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Purple Classroom

The Purple Classroom was sponsored by Mike Lyons of DSI in England at US$2000 per year. They sponsored this classroom for 2019 and 2020. This classroom is our computer classroom and the teacher is Lyda. We are looking for a sponsor for this classroom for 2021.

Pink Classroom

The Pink Classroom was sponsored by Rotary Club of Euroa at US$2000 per year. They sponsored this classroom for 2019-2020. We are looking for a new sponsor for this classroom in 2021. This room is a utility room it serves as our Library and conference room, we also use it for grading students. … Continue Reading ››

Blue Classroom

The Blue Classroom was sponsored by Rotary Club of Claremont at US$2000 per year for 2019-2020. The teacher for this classroom is Srey Nak. The Blue room is now sponsored by Narrabeen Community for 2021. The driving force behind this group is Leanne Balkin, she first came to Cambodia to volunteer with Choice … Continue Reading ››

Latest News

We generally only post our latest news items on our Facebook page now. Please check it out and feel free to Like our page. We still update this website regularly to add latest donations, see Financials. We also regularly update our "Sponsor a Child" pages.

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Thorn Sokmee

Thorn Sokmee is a girl aged 8, living in Angela village. Her parents earn a meager income by taking care of other people’s ducks. She has three brothers. In her free time Sokmee enjoys reading stories. She is also interested in football. In the future, she wants to become a teacher.


Somvan Chanarith

Somvan Chanarith is a boy aged 10, living in No Truck village. When work is available his father does construction work while his mother can do factory work. He has one brother and one sister. In his spare time he likes to watch TV and play football. He has a dream of becoming a Policeman.

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Sat Somatey

Sat Somatey is a girl aged 9, living in Cancer man village with her parents and four brothers. Her father is a provincial tuk tuk driver while her mother sells coffee. Somatey helps with her families small income by selling fruit, something she enjoys doing. Her other interests include running, drawing and colouring. When she … Continue Reading ››

Thorn Sreyneth

Introduction - 23rd May 2016

Thorn Sreyneth is sponsored by Rob from England for US$50 per month.

Sreyneth was born in April 2007. She has only one younger brother. Her mom lelf her when she was 2.5 years old and her younger brother was only 6 months and she never comes back to see them … Continue Reading ››

Lily Pheab

Introduction - 8th May 2016

Lily Pheab is a charming little girl aged 4, she wins every ones heart. She was originally sponsored by Richard Jones from Wales at US$50 per month. He started on 1/08/2014 and finished in March 2016. Lory and Max from Italy have taken over this sponsorship from April 2016.

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Rom Reaksmey

Introduction - 10th October 2016

Rom Reaksmey was sponsored by Tally Edwards (Koren) from England at US$50 per month until the end of March 2016.

Neil Burns has now taken on the sponsorship of Reaksmey from the beginning of July 2016.

Reaksmey is one of the poorer students from our Cancer Man village. She is 12 years old. … Continue Reading ››

new school uniforms

This week the Choice students from the poor villages received a school uniform set each. This twice-yearly event is much appreciated by the students as the photo below shows.

The uniforms were made last year at the Choice centre, by the sewing ladies in the sewing room, before it was converted into a library.

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Truck tire plant pots

The tires of the Choice truck have recently been changed and the old ones have not been wasted. Volunteers have transformed them into heavy duty flower pots. These flower pots will help the plants inside them survive the wet season flooding. They are being planted with plants such as aloe vera that are suitable for … Continue Reading ››

Khom Chenda


Khom Chenda is sponsored by Neil and Jenny Hamlin and their daughters Jessica and Holly from New Zealand for US$50 per month, since February 2015.

Chenda was born in September 2002. She has been studying at Choice since 2012. She has 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Chenda is the 5th child in her family. She lives … Continue Reading ››

Poeun Srey Nich

Introduction - 18th December 2015

Poeun Srey Nich is sponsored by Ross Wright at US$50/month:

Srey Nich is a very small ten year old girl born in August 2005, she is from the first Village. Her mother and father now have low paid jobs at the Garment Factory. Srey Nich has a younger brother and its her … Continue Reading ››