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Burn Victim Village Trip 16th January

The first picture is of a 1 year old girl Rudy is treating for a very bad burn to her arm,  the child had fallen into a fire at the furthest Village.

We thank CAMBODIAN HOI FU GARMENTS & KNITTING COMPANY for supplying 6 box’s of new knitwear garments all sizes for men women and children. Below are pictures of some of the villagers receiving them, we also thank Gerado for his help with this donation of clothing, more pictures next trip. Three box’s were donated to 87 Village families this trip, the remaining 3 box’s will be distributed next trip, any left over will go to the Homeless at the “Soup Kitchen”.

The new pump we paid for is in and working, interestingly its stamped and dated ” UNICEF 2010 “. We also put another Tarpaulin on a Village hut. Finally is a lovely photo of the baby girl that we took to Phnom Penh for the  operation. Its nice to see her face instead of the pictures of the back of her head, she is doing very well.

First Village Trip for 2011

On Sunday the 2nd January we headed off with our supplies including the remaining 25 x 10kg sacks of rice donated by Sun Yong Xing from China. We also had several box’s of clothes from the CANON team and baby clothes donated by Ronnie & Navee to deliver. The baby taken to the Hospital on the 19th December appears to have recovered well and her parents are very happy. Three more tins of baby food were handed out. The Villagers at Cancerman Village (about 150 people) have a problem with one of the two pump wells in their village, the part above the ground has corroded through, they do not have the funds US$25 to fix it. After some discussion with the elders CHOICE gave them the US$25 to have it repaired, we will inspect it next trip. Thanks to all the Volunteers.

Village Trip 19th Decamber 2010

Another Very sick Baby: A one month old baby girl was brought by her mother to the medical clinic for treatment. She had a very large weeping abscess on the back of her head, the abscess appeared 2 days after birth; Rudy decided the baby needed urgent Hospitalization so we asked the mother and father to bring her with us in the truck back to Phnom Penh. We gave the parents US$10 and nurse Kunthea took them to the Kuntha Bohpa Children’s Hospital. Kunthea managed to speak to a doctor who immediately admitted the baby and mother, this was a lucky break  as it is usual to have to queue up overnight and wait to be seen on the Monday.

On Monday the baby underwent surgery and the abscess was removed, we are told the operation went well and after a few days recovery the family will return to the village. We will monitor the babies progress as it has been a very serious illness and dangerous operation and it will not be known for quite some time whether the baby is completely cured. During their stay in Hospital CHOICE has taken the family meals from the “soup kitchen” and a supply of donated baby clothes and towels, we also paid for their evening meals.

While the medical clinic was in progress the volunteers had a very busy day handing out the normal food supplies and clothing donated by our CANON friends from Malaysia. At Jasmine village an extra 25 x 10kg sacks of rice donated by Sun Yong Xing from China was handed out (there is another 25 for next trip). We also supplied another 3 tins of baby formulae, erected a Tarpaulin over the leaking roof of the blind babies hut and handed out photo’s  taken by past volunteer Rhonda. Rudy also checked the health of the other babies previously sent to the hospital for treatment, all are well. More pic’s in Photo Gallery.

Christmas Greetings

CHOICE wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We would also like to thank all volunteers and donors for their support this year,  our best year so far with the development of the “Soup Kitchen” project. We will be giving out food on Christmas day, there are no holidays for the hungry. Whilst you are enjoying your Christmas celebrations please give some thought to those here who are much less fortunate, every donation whether it’s big or small helps, we can provide two meals for $1. Below is a photo taken on the last village trip of two boys, they have just caught some rats with a slingshot; a meal for their family.

CANON Village Trip 11/12/2010

Many thanks to Allan, Vice President of  EAS MARKETING SDN.BHD. & RECARTS TRADING SDN. BHD. for bringing over his team of CANON Representatives from Malaysia. They brought with them 25 box’s of new and near new clothing and some toys for the families at the Villages, and the Homeless at the Soup Kitchen. On Saturday the 11th Dec. the team arrived at Chiva’s Shack around 8.45am, where we prepared food supplies for 84 Village families. The pictures below show some of the team members handing out the supplies and dressing some of the children. One mother had a very sick baby, Allan gave her US$20 to cover the cost of a visit & treatment at the Children’s Hospital, we will check next week on the babies condition. At the end of the trip we joined the team for lunch where CHOICE was presented with a donation to make the total value for the day US$430 thanks again.

Village Trip Sunday 28th November

We thank June Burton, John Conner, Sarah Saxon for their donation of baby/children’s clothes which we handed out on Sunday the 28th Nov. at the Village, some who received the clothes are shown in the pictures below. We also thank Tad for bringing the clothes to P/Penh and Rhonda for the pictures previously taken of some of the Villagers, we will hand these out next trip. The mothers of the twins were also given their supply of powdered milk. Entertainment was provided by Robert, balloon tying and Michael for running the drawing class, we thank them for their help. Eighty five food bags were handed out and our nurse Kunthea provided minor medical treatment. We checked on the two sick babies from the previous trip (pictured) and both the parents had taken their babies to the Children’s Hospital for treatment with the money we had given them, both babies are now well.


If you have been following our posts you will be sad to hear that one of the baby twins has died. CHOICE had received verbal support and empty promises from several people for Formulae Milk Powder, only one person came forward with a generous donation, Hamish Mckinlay and that was very much appreciated. Our resources are stretched to the limit, “we cannot feed babies with empty promises”. A 1kg tin costs around $10 and a baby will consume  over 2 tins per month, please donate for one or more tins get others to pitch in with you and tag your donation ” Baby food”.  If you are in Phnom Penh you can come with us on the trip and hand it over yourself.  Lets hope the next update regarding the remaining twins is a happy one.

Update: Hamish Mckinlay has donated US$360.00 for the babies formulae milk powder to add to his previous donation of US$180.00 for them, “Thanks Hamish”. Others have now come forward Julie & Colin Werrett have asked that AUD$100 of their donation is for the milk also the “Gentlemen’s Poker League” from Melbourne are supporting the babies and Krystle Haughney (EUR 82.00)  from Europe. Thank you all for your support, we have enough funding now for these lovely babies, watch this  site for picture and updates.

28th November: Added at the lower right are some pictures taken on the village trip on Sunday the 28th November of the twins and the surviving twin baby. They are pictured with mum receiving their regular supply of Formulae milk, all appear to be healthy now.



The children at the Village and the Orphanage will be over the moon, CHOICE has been given 600 coloured pencils to distribute.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Bronwyn Carnegie; Bronwyn read of an exhibit “Muchlead” to be held in Sydney Australia. Bronwyn contacted the organizers of the program, architects Claire McCaughan and Felicity Gartelmann. She asked what plans they had for the pencils after the exhibition, and if possible could some be donated to the disadvantaged children in Cambodia. Thanks to all the above we were given 400 coloured pencils.

Another thank you goes to the Mewett family from Belmont, Geelong in Victoria for donating 200 coloured pencils. We now have a supply that will last the children for several months. Each trip we place about 50 pencils in a plastic container and hold a drawing class, at the end of the trip we manage to keep the container minus all the pencils.


CHOICE would also like to thank Don Shields Managing Director of Geelong Insurance Brokers, and his friends from the Insurance Industry for their donation of $90. The donation was raised by the group when they held a sweep for the Geelong Cup at St. Albans recently. This money will be used by CHOICE towards the running costs of the “Soup Kitchen” for the homeless in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Thanks to Julie and Colin Werrett from Werribee who have donated medical supplies, soap, toothpaste & toothbrush’s, cooking utensils,  bubble blowers, toys, and more. My suitcase in now full thanks to all the donations.


Special thanks to Pam Colenso CPA for holding the fundraising event “High Tea” at her home in Drumcondra, Geelong. Pam raised $190 for the CHOICE Soup Kitchen from her friends. They also purchased some of the silk scarves. Below are pictures of the ladies and what they are enjoying. Also thanks to Melanie’s parents Candice & Rusty West for their donation of  US$50.00.

ROTARY of Geelong Central, Victoria Australia

A big thank you to all the Rotarian’s at Geelong Central for their generous donation of $1000 to CHOICE Cambodia. At an early morning breakfast gathering of Geelong Central Rotarian’s, Ross Wright spoke about the work of CHOICE in Cambodia, and the “Soup Kitchen” starting in December 2010. Jane Cox, an International Committee member for Rotary has recently been to Cambodia and is well aware of the problems there. At a second breakfast Jane is pictured presenting the $1000 cheque to Ross. We hope to meet up again with some of the Rotarians who may visit us in Phnom Penh in the future.

More Twin Babies in the Village

Choice Cambodia Sunday 26th September, we suppled tarps to 2 families. Shown in the picture is one of the tarps donated to a very poor family, it will also allow better catchment for drinking water in the wet season, as well as allowing those inside to remain dry when it pours, we also donated a mosquito net to them. This is the family where Angela is fostering the 12yo. girl from. We bring the girl back here nearly every 2 weeks for a family visit. Also pictured is our nurse Kunthea firstly explaining to the mother of the twins, how to mix the baby powder and in the other Kunthea is shown tending to a patient. CHOICE would like to thank Camlin and Preston Goodell from Texas USA we have been waiting for those pictures, anyway thank you for your generous donation. Would you believe we have another set of new born twin babies in the Village, they also have the same problem, mother cannot supply enough milk for 2 babies, we need a generous person to donate powdered milk for a year or so. Please is there anyone else, or a group that can provide this for one baby (US$360).

New Born Twins, Formular Milk, Update

Some of you will recall the twin boys born 5 hours before our arrival at the Village on Sunday the 20th June. Mum can’t keep up the supply of milk to both babies and because of this one is sick in Hospital. Is there anyone out there who will donate US$10 a month to provide milk formular on a regular basis for one year to help these twins, we would keep you updated on their progress. If you can then tag your donation “Baby Formular” via paypal on our website, thanks.
An update from the earlier request for donors to come forward and supply formular milk, desperately needed by the mother for one of the of new twin boys now in Hospital. Thanks to Hamish McKinlay who immediately offered to supply the formula milk for 1 year. This however I was told this is not enough formula milk, one baby will use twice that amount. A big thank you to Hamish, now this baby will  leave Hospital soon and re-unite with the family now that mum has this support.

Village Trip 15th August

On a sad note we arrived at the Village at 11.30am to learn that the lovely 5 month old baby son of Mr.& Mrs. Pov had passed away just an hour an a half before we arrived. They were well known to us, CHOICE and all the volunteers pass on their condolences to the Pov family.

Saddened by the tragedy we pressed on with our deliveries of food, clothing, footwear and baby toys. Thanks to Tad and the Saxon family and their children from Maroochydore, Australia for their donation of clothing, footwear and baby toys. This is the second time the Saxon family have generously donated such items to CHOICE.

Shown in the photo’s is the blind baby boy receiving some of the donated toys a valuable gift and teaching aid for him especially now as he is very sick, hopefully it will distract him from his illness.

The medical team will monitor the blind babies progress, and if needed will bring him into Hospital. We thank all those who helped out, Roz who conducted the drawing class, Bob, Mike, Josh, Krystal and James.

Distribution of Schoolbags Tennis Shoes at the Village

Many thanks to both Singapore International Foundation and Neville O’grady from New Futures Organization (NFO) for donating 54 pair of tennis shoes and the same number of schoolbags. They were  distributed  over the last two trips to the most needy at the village. On the trip on the 1st August Sabina Stelting donated 10 ducklings  to two very poor families, we hope they will reach maturity to supply eggs and not just be eaten.  But when food and money is scarce for these people it is highly likely these ducklings will not last long. thanks Sabina. Also Jim Kearney is seen in the picture performing a Thai massage treatment with a wooden hammer and peg, this treatment is called Toksen and is used to release muscular tension. Our regular child entertainers were there Melanie with songs and dancing and Mark doing his magic, balloon tying and juggling all very much appreciated by the children. Rudy and nurse Kunthea were kept busy with there clinic. Thanks to Michael who has been on a couple of our trips in the past, another happy day for all.

Village Trip 6th June

Choice Cambodia The children at the Village could not have been happier, firstly they were treated with a finger painting session run by Melanie then Mark performed his clown act, juggling and balloon tying. see the pics. Meanwhile the volunteers handed out supplies of food, soap, toothpaste etc. as well 200 clothing items including the balance of the Calvin Klein childrens pants, thanks Michael and the ladies from Taiwan for donating the clothes. Rudy and Kunthea treated some 40 odd villagers. Pictured last is a villager who is blind, one eye cannot be saved but we hope to get him cataract surgery soon to recover sight in the other eye. Thanks to all the volunteers.

Update.  We took the blind man to the Fred Hollows clinic for an eye examination where sadly they determined that the nerves behind the eye were dead and his sight could not be recovered.

Village Trip 23rd May 2010

Choice Cambodia A most enjoyable day again, Rudy and our new Khmer nurse Kunthea were very busy again, they removed the stitches from the man recently taken to Hospital, the wound has healed well and he is fine. Thanks to the many volunteers as well we had the company of 4 women from Taiwan and 1 from China, they supplied 300 pair of pants to the children as well as giving us 180 packets of noodles to add to the food supplies we handed out. Thanks to Rosa an English speaking Khmer who joined the translating team. Melanie once again did finger painting with the chidren in the 1st village this time, the children loved it as did the volunteer helpers who joined in, one village left to go Melanie. Thanks to Ben for the rice and to all the Volunteers that helped us this weekend.

Clinic and finger painting

Choice Cambodia Friday 14th May and another clinic this time in the middle village. Dr. Mark in the foreground and Rudy, also before and after the operation photo’s, showing the leg of the villager transported to Hospital on 9th May. Meanwhile entertaining the children is Melanie, who by the way had more paint on herself than all the other children put together. another great day.

Angela, Dr. Mark and Rudy

Medical Clinic and delivery of supplies

Choice Cambodia On Sunday the 9th of May 2010 we headed off to the furthest of our Villages with a medical team consisting of 2 American Doctors Emily and Mark, our Paramedic Rudy and 2 Khmer nurses. Also on board as volunteers were their partners and/or friends, James, Jane, Becky, Diana, Isaac, Dayna, Lisa, and David plus our regulars.
The medical crew set up and saw to all those needing attention as well as those we had selected on previous visits needing special attention.
Meanwhile the Volunteers distributed 80 Mosquito nets, 80 prepacked foodbags, 75 pair of Flip Flops donated by Diana and the Jones’s and around 300 clothing items donated by Lisa, we thank you very much for these. As well CHOICE would like to give a big thank you to Harvest Fellowship, Mark & Jane Truax for their very generous donation.
Most of the Villagers received minor treatment but one serious case was transported back with us to the hospital and given money by us for an operation to remove a large growth on his leg, we will follow up on his progress. “Blind man” will have a cataract operation in one eye in the near future, the other eye has been blinded by a bullet wound. Nothing else can be done for the young girl who’s eye was attacked by a chicken.
It was a very hard and long day but we were all pleased with the results.

We had purchased another 100 of the treated Mosquito nets, 20 were given to the Orphanage the remaining 80 mentioned above were handed out at the Village, a total of 200 have now been handed out at the Village, we need to do 100 more then each hut will have received 2 nets per family.

Medical Clinic near Svay Rieng

 On Thursday 6th May we were invited by the Orphanage to join them on a medical clinic. After a 4 hour journey from Phnom Penh we arrived at a remote farming village about 1 hour south of Svay Rieng and close to the Vietnam boarder.  Rudy (CHOICE Paramedic) and Mark an American Doctor began their examination and treatment of the many who had gathered. Some 5 hours later and no less than 115 patients, they had finally finished. Fortunately there were no serious cases so the exhausted team began the long trip back to Phnom Penh, finally arriving at Chivas Shack at 11.30pm.

Orangetrotter, GEFRO and Friends

 In April CHOICE members had the pleasure in meeting up with Helga and Jurgen. Using the name “Orangetrotter” they have travelled in their VW Bulli from Germany throughout Australia and are now travelling through Asia. They are meeting up with various Charities on their travels and documenting their experience with them on U TUBE. We wish “Orangetrotter, GEFRO and Friends” a big thank you for their generous donation and help at the Orphanage and Village trip on Sunday 25th April. and we wish them good luck for the remainder of their journey. For more information on their travels visit :
The young girl pictured wearing the sunglasses has only recently been brought to our attention. She had been attacked in one eye by a chicken a long time ago, the eye was blinded and disfigured. We were told she always kept to herself and hid her face, embarrassed by the scarring, unaware of her presence until her parents asked CHOICE to provide her with sunglasses, the girl is very happy now she has them and we will keep her well supplied in the future. She will be seen by an American Dr. who will be visiting the Village soon, and we hope we can provide her with some treatment to improve her situation.

Delivering Pallets

Many thanks to the friends of Angela who kindly donated 15 pallets, (10mil plywood on steel frames approx. 2.4m x 1.2m). They are used by the villagers for all sorts of things but mainly to provide solid flooring in their huts. CHOICE volunteers delivered them to the Village on Sunday 25th April 2010.

A new nurse to help at the Village

Equally as important to the supplies that we give to the Villagers is the medical support. As the numbers of  Villagers needing treatment is always increasing, we are now employing a local nurse, Sotheara, to assist Rudy. (pictured 28/03/10) Severe cases are transported to Hospital in Phnom Penh. We are always in need of medical supplies, if you can help please donate on our website.

Delivering Mosquito Nets to the Village

As the wet season is approaching CHOICE will be supplying mosquito nets. We have just received a generous donation from Glenda & Rick from Australia to start us off, so together we have purchased 100 nets directly from the supplier at a very good price US$3.70 (these are the treated ones). On Sunday 28th Feb. 2010 CHOICE volunteers handed out 119 nets to the villagers in Kandal Province, and hopefully by the time the wet season arrives we will have supplied another 100 nets, so all the villages as well as the Orphanage will have received nets. If you can help us, please donate on our website via Paypal.

Welcome for the boys at their new Orphanage.

Saturday 27th Feb. 2010 CHOICE joined the staff and volunteers at an Orphanage for a welcoming lunch for the boys new house. The girls came over from their home and enjoyed a great day, about 60 people in all attended. CHOICE donated a CD/Radio player for the boys house. Isaac is pictured wearing the outfit donated to him by Ricky and June, Joshua is pictured in the spiderman outfit donated by Stacey and Alan, many thanks.

Donating School shirts at an Orphanage

These pictures show some of the smaller children at an Orphanage receiving school shirts donated by CHOICE. Many of the children at the Orphanage need replacement school uniforms. A shirt costs US$2.50, a skirt US$3.00 and shorts US$2.50, shoes $4.00. Please send us a donation as some of the kids have only one of each item and they have to wear the same clothes each day. From the prices shown above a small donation such as $10 can outfit one child.

Water Filters Pre-Purchase

For some time now a dedicated young couple from Melbourne Australia, Cath & Josh have been fundraising to raise money to provide water filters for the very poor Village families that are supported by CHOICE. There are approximately 150 of these families and this couple have raised enough money to supply around 55 filters at $10US each.

An American named Mountain from Northern California has also given a donation to supply another 12 filters so we can now enable almost half the families to have safe drinking water. Unsafe drinking water causes a large number of illness’s and deaths in Cambodia and we need to supply a lot more. You might ask “why not provide wells” these have been provided in some locations but a lot of the well water in Kandal Province contains arsenic and is only suitable for washing, filters will not remove arsenic, so the most available water is surface water which is dirty and needs to be filtered.

The filters are also produced in Cambodia, so this creates jobs as well. These families have no land, no jobs no sanitation and are severley disadvantaged, if you can help please donate on out website. We need to provide more water filters as well as replace the inserts every 12 months or so. Thanks again to these wonderful people who have helped us.
A further update on the Water Filters, Cath and Josh are arriving in Phnom Penh on 22nd Feb. 2010 and with a combined effort with CHOICE we will be delivering water filters to around 85 Village families the next day, we have now got a deal for US$9.50 per unit including a cleaning brush and delivery will cost US$40.  Stay tuned for the photo’s.

Homeless and Handicapped

On the 15th Dec 2009 CHOICE was told about a homeless, deaf, pregnant girl and maybe HIV+ in Phnom Penh. We located the girl about a week before Xmas, and with her permission we had a blood test done which confirmed she was HIV+. She could neither read nor write, it was difficult for us to communicate. CHOICE supplied her with some clothes and food and small money.

We contacted Charles from DDP (Deaf Development Programme) with his help we determined that the girl was 25, and abandoned by the father of the baby, a foreigner, when he found out the girl was pregnant. She did not want to keep her baby. The staff from DDP were excellent and they intend to educate her with job skills as well as teach her proper sign language DDP engaged the help of a related Maryknoll Group PMTCT (Preventing Mother To Child Transmission).

They provided medical help for the girl as well as an Ultra-sound and would help the baby after birth as well. LIA Orphanage offered to take the baby if need be. Unexpectedly we found out that a 2.5kg baby girl was born on Monday 11th Jan. by cesarean, and the Mother has changed her mind now and will keep the lovely baby girl, as well the grandparents have come forward and with a combined effort we are all trying to help out. Now we are waiting to see if the medicine has prevented the baby from contracting the HIV and of course the baby is not being breast fed.

We will keep you up to date on this story. Update, unfortunately we have lost contact with the family, they are not using the same phone number, we can only hope that all is well.

The baby  pictured here is just 4 days old.

Donating Ducks

On Sunday 8th November 09, on behalf of CHOICE, our Public Relations Officer Angela Tan is shown donating 20 ducks to two extremely poor Village families. In one of the families a son was recently born blind and in the other family the wife died suddenly at the age of 43.

Mekong River Boat Trip

These pictures were taken during 2009 when CHOICE took children from an Orphanage on several boat trips along the Mekong River, Phnom Penh. We are no longer involved with Orphanages as the majority of the children are not Orphans and in many cases are being exploited.

CHOICE Village Trip

Volunteer with us, meet us at Sundance Inn 9.00 am. and come on a Village Trip, we return about 4 pm, when we arrive at the CHOICE Center you can help deliver safe drinking water to each Village hut during the week and sometimes clothing. If you join us please donate to help support our work. Special trips every alternate Saturday leaving at 9.00 am. these are for games, conversation and eating lunch with the children, please book in advance.

You can also view the Photo Album if you click on the link below: