Channy excels

Sokha’s son Channy has never been so happy, he is one of the 10% of Cambodian year 12 students that has passed the final exam. In December last year we arranged with the headmaster to place Channy in the year 12 class. Only 2 others passed in Channy’s class of 25 students. For 3 years CHOICE have been paying for Channy to receive private tuition as he had to miss 2 years of normal Government school classes to look after his sick mother.
After his exams in August, CHOICE paid for Channy to attend a driving school, now he has his licence and is employed by CHOICE. He will have a bright future now, besides driving for us he can attend Computer and English classes, he wants to learn sewing in our sewing rooms in the evenings as well. Sokha has been moved to the CHOICE Center and will live in one of the huts recently supplied at the center by Global Village Housing. As you can see we have to lay pavers under the hut and create a pathway. Sokha will be able to join in conversation with the children at times and enjoy a much better lifestyle.