UPDATE: A House for the Family August 18, 2011.


The house that we paid to be built is almost finished, we just need to get some guttering and piping to feed to water urns yet to be given. Thanks to our sponsors this family will be able to survive together.


We visited the mother of the twins today, her name is Tuan Shorn the baby twin boys are Sambo and Sambat. Her older boys are Terra 6 and Rudda 4, the Grandmother is Ian Nee.
The older boys have never been to school but with the money from the sponors they will be able to start when the next term begins.
Photo’s of their new hut show that it’s well on the way and will be finished soon, when it’s completed we will give them pots and pans etc.
The House is being built using secondhand materials where possible, the neighbor has allowed us to build the house on their land.