12. Choice Cambodia Overview

11. CHOICE QUT 2017

10. CHOICE Village Trip 2012.

9. Update on CHOICE Cambodia.

8. The Water Run.

7.  The Hairdressing Salon.

6.  One Day with CHOICE.

5.  The CHOICE water run by Steve Murray.

4.  A brief view of some of the work we do in Cambodia.

3.  An appeal for 5 year old Ryta Rith who suffered horrific burns.
WARNING: this video may be distressing for some viewers.

2.  Please view our video. This will give you an insight into poor Cambodian Villagers and some of the work we do in the Village. Many thanks to John Glasson and Pon Puon Foundation and all our supporters.

1. Many thanks to Jurgen and Helga “Orangetrotter” who produced this video in April 2010.

Charity for the extreme poor